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Chasing Eve

Chasing Eve is a Rock, Alternative band from Etobicoke, ON


A CD that no one has even heard of inspired Adam Lombardi and Daniel Notarianni to pick up an instrument, years before they even met each other. A Woodbridge On. Band called Grounded, which featured Daniel’s cousin on guitar, ended up in the hands of Adam one day. The sound of keys, guitars and vocals opened his ears. The thought of creating something himself grew strong, and it wasn’t long till he got his first guitar, and starting writing and singing his own songs. Daniel remembers sitting in his cousins basement in grade 6, watching him pull out a Champaign Strat. and started playing “That Song” from Big Wreck. “I thought ‘that’s what I need to do’ I did some reno’s with my dad, and made $100, went to the mall, and bought a knock off Strat, and tried to teach myself. “ Somewhere down the line, Daniel and Adam ended up writing together. The need for a full band quickly arose. David Figliano, who was a friend of Daniel in high school, caught up with Daniel one night, and they stated talking music. Not long after that, Dave, who is a Latin Percussionist, was the full time kit drummer for the band, and the search for a bass player was on. After countless “bust” auditions with bass players who were afraid to travel, or had far to much baggage with them, a bass player didn’t show, which led Dave to call his cousin Andrew Pimentel who, in Dave’s words “had just started playing bass, I don’t know if he is any good, but at least well have some fun” It took about 1 hr for Andrew to fit in, despite the fact he had been playing for only 2 months, his musical maturity was well perceived. The search was done, and 2 yrs later, Andrew looks back “ I was surprised they wanted me in the band. I was only playing for a couple months, and didn’t know much about music”. After a year of rehearsal’s, recordings that didn’t work, shows at The Sound Academy, El Macombo, A’Lize in Montreal, opening for bands like Lukas Rossi, and Mobile, being featured at The Play Music Festival, and NXNE, kicking off the New Music Tuesday’s at Loki, and being featured in local newspapers, and web columns, the band hit a road bump. Dave would leave Chasing Eve. A close friend of the band, Cristinia Pannicia, said “My brother is a drummer, he is 17, turning 18” and an audition was set up with Vince Pannicia. “Ii was floored by Vince’s talent I just wish Drew didn’t ask his age!” says Daniel. On the way out of audition, Andrew asked Vince how old he was. Vince replied with 16. The band thought about it, and decided that despite his age, his talent was something that we could not pass up. Pre-production started immediately on 36;35, and a Canadian Music Week performance was added to the resume. “Vince really got baptized through fire! His first gig ever was a CMW showcase at the Sound Academy!” said Daniel. With a new sound, a new direction, Chasing Eve begins its new search, a spot on your i-Pod.

Band Members

Adam-Vocals, Daniel-Guitar, Andrew-Bass, Vince-Drums


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chasingeve wrote to Sarah Jan 26/09
hey sarah, hows it going, its been a while, do you still remember me. its daniel, i used to be in Avenue Road. hope things are good with you, are you still with SN? were doing a show with SN in Feb? any ways, take care, see ya around

chasingeve wrote to Sarah Sep 05/08
hey sarah, hows it going, you remember me?? i know its been a while. its daniel, used to be in avenue road. its cool if you dont remember, lol, i understand. any ways im back with a new band, and looking forward to playing. hope to see you soon.

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