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:: Aviator Shades :: is a Rock, Blues band from Vancouver, BC and looking for A Recording Deal
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Dedicated Retro Hard Rock Guiatrist Needed
POSTED ON Jan 13/12 | 811 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
We are a serious Blues Rock project looking for a serious image conscious and dedicated Lead guiatrist with chops and a dirty blues influence (Angus/Slash style) who wants to do everything they can to make it in the music world. You should ...
Rockin @ The Roxy
POSTED ON Aug 22/11 | 1108 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
We are pumped to be playing the roxy this thrusday, such an awesome venue. Best ound of any venue we have played down town, so if you really want to hear us at our best please come check us out at The Roxy this Thursday!!!
Drummers Drummers Drummers!!!!!
POSTED ON Aug 16/11 | 1020 VIEWS | 0 COMMENTS
They really are one of lifes great mysteries!!!Well hopefully we will crack the mystery soon and have new Drummer in the Aviator Shades engine room, and be coming at ya all again...